Thursday Apr 25th 5:30pm - 7:30pm

The Dogwood Downtown

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CLEAR makes your life safer, simpler, and more secure. At CLEAR, we’re working toward a future where you are your ID - we translate your biometrics into an encrypted code, and then store it in a secure, cloud-based system. CLEAR currently powers secure, frictionless customer experiences in nearly 40 U.S. airports and venues. With over 3 million members so far, CLEAR is the identity platform of the future, today. Click here to enroll in CLEAR, or to check out our current openings.


In today’s data driven world, gaining a competitive advantage depends on how quickly your business can transform massive volumes of data into meaningful insights. The Vertica Analytics Platform is purpose built from the very first line of code for Big Data analytics. It is designed for use in data warehouses and other big data workloads where speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness are crucial to the success of analytics. Vertica relies on a tested, reliable distributed architecture and columnar compression to deliver blazingly fast speed.

Access our Vertica Startup Accelerator program and grow your business. The Startup Accelerator program provides early stage companies building best-in-class Big Data solutions a free, one-year, 25TB license. The program is designed to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs to create applications and solutions that accelerate the monetization of big data by leveraging the Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform. In addition to select platform access, other benefits include training, community support, and entry to the Vertica Marketplace.

Come meet with Vertica Experts at the April 25th Happy Hour to learn more about how Vertica can fit into your business!

Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive is transforming the way the world buys, owns, sells, and uses cars through developing groundbreaking products with leading edge technology across the Automotive ecosystem. In Austin, our web developers create retail software solutions focused on Automotive dealerships. Our products allow dealers to move inventory, plan, pivot, and adjust for demand with data driving their decisions. Our tech stack is as diverse as our product offerings; we leverage: Java, C#, Python, AWS (micro services) and APIs, React, Angular, Okta, and many others. To learn more visit us at:

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